Easy Email Backup

Easy Email Backup Beta 2.0.287

Create secure copies of Outlook, Outlook Express and more


  • Can backup many different forms of data
  • Interface simple and clear
  • Unlimited backup file sizes


  • Takes a long time to backup big files


Backups are one of the most essential parts of every computer user’s priorities - especially where important e-mails are concerned. Easy Email Backup can take complete or customized backups of MS Outlook messages, address books and settings. It can also extract important files from My Documents, Registry, settings from Internet Explorer and other important personal files in one go. Data duplication, compression with passwords and even schedules for automatic backups at fixed dates and times can be created.

The interface is user friendly and most backup steps are clearly displayed as icons at the top. One nice feature is that you can apply high level encryption to backed-up files so they're safe from prying eyes. Another bonus is that there's no limit to the backup size - even huge archives can be done although it does tend to grind away for an awful long time on anything over 1GB. Still, the fact that it can backup other files as well as Outlook, make this a very useful all-in-one backup utility.

Data corruption, accidental deletion, virus or any type of system problem may create a problem if you do not have one backed up file.

There's nothing worse than losing important e-mail archives which is why Easy Email backup does the job with minimum fuss in just a few minutes.

Easy Email Backup


Easy Email Backup Beta 2.0.287

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